Genre: Drama
Running Time: 16 min
Year: 2014

Ava Torres
HW Deng

HW Deng

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Evelyn, a disgruntled, actress who – years after graduating from university – is still in debt and still searching for work. Never given the chance to experience life to the fullest, Evelyn decides to check into a five-star hotel to commit suicide, but not before maxing out her credit cards.

Directors’ Statement:

Killing Time is a short film based on a girl who checked into a five-star hotel to commit suicide; however, once she maxed out all her credit cards, the girl suddenly changed her mind. This is what sparked our interest: the idea that life itself wasn’t worth living for – the commodities were. Therefore, we wanted to explore this concept and expand on what kind of consequences it would have on the individual.

While this isn’t based on that particular girl, we still wanted to tell that story through the perspective of someone in their late-20s, especially a person who has bought into this culture of instant gratification. Unlike other short films, which have dealt with suicide in terms of ‘living for love,’ Killing Time follows an ordinary girl experiencing decadence before death, and equating self- worth to the objects she owns.

– Ava & Helmann

Ava Torres
HW Deng

HW Deng

Elizabeth Tanner … Evelyn
Marcus Haccius … Clark
Bailey Green … Julia

Executive Producers:
Bob Davidson
Jing Panuelos
Mijiao Tang
Ava Torres
HW Deng

Associate Producers:
Hubert Haccius
Linda Haccius

Vadim Chaimovich
Emmett Cooke

Ava Torres

HW Deng

Ava Torres

Make-Up Artist:
Joyce Chu

Sound Recordist:
Matthew D. Moore

Production Assistant:
Emily Amaru

Special Thanks:
Jennifer Adams
James Chou
David He
Leo Lai
Megan O’Kelly
Daniel Groves
William Marshall
Jasmine Shaar
Sherona Sinclair
Anthony Woods

  • Hollyshorts Film Festival (2016)
  • Cannes Short Film Corner (2015)
  • Miami Independent Film Festival (2015) 
  • Chicago Int’l Arthouse Film Festival (2015)
  • Equinox Women’s Film Festival – Official Selection (2015)
  • Palm Springs International Film Festival & Film Market – Official Selection (2015)
  • Toteflix – Official Selection (2015)

[Ava and Helmann’s] talent as directors shows itself when balancing the act of narration: in their cinema the narrative never interrupts the continuity of the gaze. What’s new about their short film Killing Time? To begin with, the way the characters are conceived: the characters in Killing Time neither want to nor can represent anyone but themselves.
– CinéWomen Magazine (August 15, 2015)

 Killing Time starts off solidly with little, but significant dialogue. Director duo Ava Torres and Helmann Wilhelm choose to let the images speak for themselves, rather than overcomplicating everything with too many words. 
– Ioana-Lucia Demczuk, VEXXD Magazine

Short movies are an art, [and with] less than 30 minutes to tell a full story… Ava and Helmann prove to be prodigies. 
Luca Tommaso Cordoni, Rabarbaro Art Magazine

  • Inspired by several real life suicides at 5-star hotels and one particular case where a woman maxed out her credit cards, though she ultimately chose to live
  • Most of Julia’s lines were improvised by the actress, Bailey Green
  • The glasses that Clark finds at the hotel are an easter egg for “Through Rose-Colored Glasses”
  • With the exception of the opening sequence, all of the scenes were filmed with available light