Canted Pictures Inc.

/kanted ˈpikCHərs/ 
Film Production Company

1. An award-winning film company founded by Ava Torres and HW Deng specializing in narrative content. Our recent short, Through Rose-Colored Glasses, won Best Waterloo Region Short Film at the Grand River Film Festival and was nominated for the A&E Short Filmmakers Award at the National Screen Institute of Canada, a Canadian Screen Award qualifier. Collectively, our films have won grants and been official selections at the Orlando Film Festival, Miami Independent Film Festival, Hollyshorts Film Festival, and the Chicago Arthouse Film Festival, among others.

Ava Torres


Ava is the founder and producer of the production company, Canted Pictures. Ava has always had a keen interest in cinema and literature, leading her to complete her Master’s degree at the University of Toronto in 2014. Since then she has become a member of the CMPA, and was an award winner for the Ontario Startup Business Pitch Competition in 2017. Her most recent film, Through Rose-Coloured Glasses, won best short film at the Grand River Film Festival and was an official selection at the National Screen Institute Film Festival and the Orlando Film Festival.

Recently, Ava is the winning recipient of the inaugural WIFT-T Meridian Artists Agency mentorship and of the CMPA Production Mentorship under the guidance of Artemis Pictures whose founding member is also the co-founder of Rhombus Media.

HW Deng

Writer & Director

An award-winning writer and director, HW Deng was born in Texas, but raised in Kitchener, Ontario. A graduate of the University of Toronto’s Cinema Studies program, he is half-Taiwanese and half-German. Given his mixed background, his films focus on characters struggling with change and the ability to belong.

Since his graduation, he has worked in the Directors Guild of Canada as Trainee Assistant Director for SUICIDE SQUAD and THE NEXT STEP television series. He is also the co-founder of Canted Pictures, as well as the winning recipient of the Ontario Start-up Pitch Competition and the Waterloo Arts Fund grant.

His short film, THROUGH ROSE-COLORED GLASSES, won Best Film at the Grand River Film Festival (2016), and was an official selection at the National Screen Institute of Canada (2016), a Canadian Screen Awards qualifier. Together, his work has screened at Orlando Film Festival, Hollyshorts, Kansas City FilmFest, and Palm Springs International Film Festival, among others. Recently, his short script for MACABRE CHRISTMAS was a semi-finalist for the ScreenCraft Film Production Fund (2017).