Genre: Fantasy, Drama
Runtime: 14 min
Year: 2015

Ava Torres
Helmann Wilhelm

Helmann Wilhelm

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Will, an out-of-luck substitute teacher, stumbles upon a magic pair of glasses allowing him to see his girlfriend, Zoe, as he’d like her to be. Bent on finding the perfect match, Will reimagines his ‘ideal’ Zoe despite a few unusual side effects.

Ava Torres
Helmann Wilhelm

Helmann Wilhelm

Marcus Haccius … Will
Bailey Green … Zoe

Executive Producer:
Bob Davidson

Jessica Conant
Hubertus Haccius
Linda Haccius
Jing Panuelos
David Petrash
Cole Raikes
Mijiao Tang
Ava Torres
Christopher L. Villegas
Helmann Wilhelm

Associate Producers:
Juliano Angeliano
Leo Lai
Jason Muckridge
Dmitri Tkachenko
Joanna Yntig

“I Saw You First in the City” by Stella Stagecoach

Director of Photography:
Ava Torres

Helmann Wilhelm

Ava Torres

Key Make-Up Artist:
Vanessa Aislin

Make-Up Artist:
Ashley Vieira

Sound Recordist:
Matthew D. Moore

Production Assistant:
Dwayne Anius

Special Thanks:
Aaron Ng
Vanessa Li
Angelou Ramos
Corey Van Den Hoogenband
Elora Tse
Melissa Lipe
Matthew Tyler Black-Rudevics
Holly Sarvari
Juliano Angeliano
Stephanie Santiago
James Chou
Ankita Sharma
Danny Xie
Li Jiang
Selina Truong
William Marshall
Daniel Williams
Lenka Jordanov
Fabio Azevedo
Jacky Quan
Jessi Bond
Travers Cleeman
Saira Hamid
Marlon Aldrin Sidlacan
Cassie Bian

  • Shot entirely on Magic Lantern RAW
  • All scenes at the carnival and the beach were shot using available light
  • Given the nature of on-location shooting, the cast and crew were kept to a minimum, consisting of only 8 crew members and 2 actors