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Some very exciting news — Helmann is 1 of 25 participants selected for the 2021 Netflix-Banff Fellowship and Pitch Program where he will receive an exclusive one-on-one mentorship with Joseph Kay, EP/showrunner of TRANSPLANT. As part of the program, Helmann will also be given a full access pass to the Banff World Media Film Festival.

The festival, which is partnered with the Black Screen Office, the Canada Media Fund, the Indigenous Screen Office (ISO), and la Société de développement des entreprises culturelles, will take place virtually this year from June 14 – July 16th. To learn more about the Banff World Media Festival, visit

“This is an important collaboration and step towards a more diverse, equitable and inclusive cultural community. Congratulations to this year’s participants, your voice is vital in continuing to build and elevate a vibrant industry and ensuring that all Canadians feel represented, in front of and behind the camera."

Chris ReginaDirector, Original Series at Netflix